Monday, July 1, 2013

You Never Know When You Might Need a Grocery Receipt from 2006

The last few days, I have been cleaning out closets and cabinets.  I know I'm supposed to do that in the spring, but it was just too nice to stay inside in the spring.  Knowing these triple-digit temperatures would keep me inside for weeks made it easy to put off.

I've found so many things I thought I'd gotten rid of!  I have boxes that were never unpacked when we moved last year.  I have several piles...stuff that needs to go to my kids, stuff I'm keeping, Goodwill donations, library donations, trash, and the 'think about it' pile.

I found a large zip-lock bag full of undeveloped film from several years ago.  I don't know what is on it, but we'll soon find out.  Other treasures include Halloween candle holders, shell wind chimes, gloves and winter hats, an unopened grill cover and other definite keepers.

On the other hand, what would possess me to keep store receipts and old junk mail?  What was I thinking when I packed that box?  Possibly, I just wasn't!

I've also been going through some books and knick-knacks that belonged to my mother and grandmother.  They've all been packed away when my kids could be enjoying them.  They are much more likely to cook and entertain than me.  Those days are in my past, and if I really wanted to use something, I guess I know where to find it!

Tomorrow, I start going through boxes in another closet, so if you know anyone who needs palm tree drink stirrers or a hurricane glass from Medieval Times or Dirty Dick's, please let me know.  :)

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